Top 7 Books To Get You In The Halloween Spirit!

Hello, fellow bookworms!!! As I sat down last weekend to read, I was really craving some dark, gothic, goose-bumps inducing books to get me into the Halloween mood. I had just finished reading This Darkness Mine by Mindy McGinnis, which really left me feeling all kinds of creeped out, and I just wanted more! So, I compiled a list of these seven books that I personally think are great if you’re looking for some spooky-but-not-quite-scary books:


Existence (Existence Trilogy, #1) by Abbi Glines

To start off this list in a light note, Existence is the first book in the Existence Trilogy, and while it certainly doesn’t fall into the gothic genre, or even into the ‘scary’ category, it does give off serious spooky vibes, as the entire series deals with themes such as Voodoo, death, spirits, pacts with the devil, etc. It follows the story of young Pagan Moore and her journey to discovering why she has always been able to see dead people and how she comes to fall in love with Death himself.


IMG_0579The Witching Hour (Lives of the Mayfair Witches, #1) by Anne Rice

The first in this riveting and suspenseful series by Anne Rice, this book is definitely a thrilling ride, as we uncover the secrets and origin of a great witch family. Personally, I think it is one of Anne Rice’s best pieces of work; it showcases her talent for storytelling marvelously and though the book is definitely long (1,207 pages), not a single page of it lacks the intrigue that characterizes all of Rice’s books.


Slasher Girls and Monster Boys by April Genevieve Tucholke, Stefan Bachmann , Leigh Bardugo, Kendare Blake, A.G. Howard, Jay Kristoff, Marie Lu, Jonathan Maberry, Danielle Paige, Carrie Ryan, Megan Shepherd, Nova Ren Suma, McCormick Templeman , Cat Winters

A stunning collection of scary and psychology thrillers by some of the best YA authors. My favorite: In the Forest Dark and Deep.



Save Yourself by Kelly Braffet

This book is a true page-turner, and from the first page, the characters’ personalities and their stories are absolutely compelling. However, I was 50% into the story, feeling for the characters, enjoying Braffet’s great writing, and honestly a little confused as to where the plot was heading, and BAM! Nothing could’ve prepared me for that twist or that ending! It’s definitely the kind of book that leaves you with a WTF impression, but it’s spooky enough to be in this list. Plus, I loved the author’s writing style.


My Sweet Audrina (Audrina, #1) by V. C. Andrews

I could not make this list without including a V. C. Andrews books. She is absolutely one of my favorite authors (the original late V. C. Andrews, not the ghost-writer) and My Sweet Audrina, even though far from being Andrews’ best work in my opinion, is definitely one of the most chilling and twisted story I’ve ever read.




The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Macabre Tales by Washington Irving

A classic and a must-read for fans of supernatural thrillers, this 13 story compilation contains Irving’s best retelling of famous folktales and legends, complete with his characteristic wily sense of humor.



Always, Forever by Nancy Ohlin

A modern-day retelling of the Daphne du Maurier’s classic Rebecca. Described as ‘darkly romantic’, this tale deals with phenomenon such as possession and murder.





So there you go, bookworms! Any one of these are perfect to curl up and suffer through your self-induced spine-tingling, goose-bumpy, nightmarish, paranormal and suspenseful  Halloween night.

What about you? What are your favorite spooky reads of all time?


B & L

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