Top 7 Dystopian Novels

Hello, beautiful bookworms 💜 Time for another Top Books Tuesday. This week I’ve decided to talk about the ever-emerging genre: dystopian fiction. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of many dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel but I must admit there are quite a few out there that are definitely worth reading. Here are my top picks: TheContinue reading “Top 7 Dystopian Novels”

The Makeup Book Tag

Hello again, lovely bookworms!  Hope you are all having a wonderful and restful Sunday ♥ Fun fact about me you might not know is that besides reading, another one of my obsessions is makeup. As in, I love buying it, I love learning and keeping up to date about it and many hours of myContinue reading “The Makeup Book Tag”

The One Lovely Blog Award

Hello, beautiful bookies! ♥ I hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday! A while ago, the amazing and lovely blogger Angelica over at The Book Cover Girl tagged me for The One Lovely Blog Award and I want to thank her so, so much because I never talk about anything personal on this blogContinue reading “The One Lovely Blog Award”

12 Days of Blogmas: A Love Letter to Your Favorite Book of the Year

Hello, beautiful bookies  Wishing you all an awesome week ahead! I might be a little late on announcing this but I’ve decided to participate in 12 Days of Blogmas hosted by the lovely Swetlana over at The Caffeinated Bookworm. Here are the 12 prompts: Day One: A Love Letter To Your Favorite Book Of The YearContinue reading “12 Days of Blogmas: A Love Letter to Your Favorite Book of the Year”