Thirsty for a Book Boyfriend Thursday: Kaz Brekker

On Thirsty for a Book Boyfriend Thursdays we will give ourselves the permission to liberally and unapologetically fangirl and thirst over our favorite fictional boyfriends (or girlfriends) ever. Every Thursday I will dedicate it to one and announce the character for next week’s post! If that character I announce happens to be one of your book crushes, you can participate in one of these ways…

November TBR

Hi, fellow bookworms! For this month’s TBR, I made sure to be varied with the genres I chose, and I am particularly excited to make my way through this list because I’m finally reading books like Wintersong, Rhapsodic and The Diabolic, all of which I know have left a good impression on the reader communityContinue reading “November TBR”

Hi there, fellow bookworms!!

As you can see, this is my first blog post EVER! I will be posting book reviews for mostly YA Fantasy novels, but I am versatile with my tastes so you can expect a little from everything in this blog! If you want a free space to rant and rave about OTPs, novels that haveContinue reading “Hi there, fellow bookworms!!”